The Best-Tasting Water in the World

Geologists confirm that the water flowing from our spring today first fell as local rain some 3,500 years ago. Then, the water began to filter through layers of shale, sandstone, and limestone before emerging in our springhouse. The result is a water that has twice been named the best-tasting non-carbonated water in the world at the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition.

Our sparkling water has also attracted the judges’ attention, winning a Silver Medal at Berkeley Springs in 1997. Industry experts, like those below, continue to recognize the quality of our water. But when it comes to deciding which water tastes best, we’ll let you be the ultimate judge.

"One of the oldest and best known American mineral waters is Mountain Valley, which is forced up through a bed of marble in the remote valley of Hot Springs, Arkansas. In 1832, President Andrew Jackson commissioned a study of the water that eventually led to the protection of dozens of thermal springs around the U.S. So deep is Hot Springs that chemical analyses of its mineral content have remained virtually unchanged for the last 60 years."

Water - The Ultimate Cure
Steve Meyerowitz

"Mountain Valley's admirers have included everyone in show business from Gloria Swanson and Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley and Mick Jagger. President Reagan took it along on all his trips abroad, and President Bill Clinton, whose hometown is Hot Springs, Arkansas, grew up drinking Mountain Valley Spring Water, and still drinks it."

The Good Water Guide
Maureen & Timothy Green